About Us

As a leader in the Packaging Industry, Inmark can supply all of your packaging needs. Throughout the history of Inmark, we have listened to our customers to provide the right mix of products and services. Our unprecedented customer support and knowledge has shaped our reputation and world-wide recognition.


Inmark was incorporated in 1975. At that time, Inmark's primary focus was in the distribution of glass, plastic and metal containers for the food, beverage, cosmetic, chemical and coatings industries. Inmark still regards these products and markets as our core business. However we have greatly expanded our range of products and services in the past 32 years.

In an effort to add value to our core business, we have expanded our global reach. We are now operating out of 6 locations in the United States, 1 location in Singapore and 1 location in the United Kingdom. Currently, we have distribution across North America, Asia, United Kingdom, and South America.

We have added a state-of-the-art Container Decorating division, complete with screen printing, pad printing, labeling and shrink sleeve capabilities. Over the years, we have developed our own line of custom molded packaging to support ever-changing market needs. In addition, we have instituted a global supply chain, fulfillment service and recycling program to help solidify our partnerships with some of the largest Clinical Reference Labs (CRL's) in the industry.

Inmark's name has become synonymous with quality and expertise in the Dangerous Goods/Infectious Substances regulatory circles. Our reputation for supplying safe, validated and cost effective UN Certified and Specimen Transport packaging systems have earned us global recognition. By having one of the top regulatory experts in the UN compliance industry, we have been able to predict changes in regulations ahead of most other companies. This has allowed Inmark to be the first to market with new, innovative and compliant packaging systems. We have also garnered the attention and trust of some of the top pharmaceutical and laboratory organizations in the world thru our clinical trials packaging systems.

As we have gained more exposure and experience in the Clinical Trials industry, we have found an opportunity to develop and supply Temperature Controlled Packaging (TCP) for the transport Biopharmaceutical products globally. Biopharmaceutical Products, pharmaceuticals derived from life-forms, are highly regulated by the FDA, and are governed by cGxP guidelines. Inmark offers our clients the ability to have validated and globally harmonized TCP systems. The TCP division of our business promises to play a dominant role in both our domestic and global growth.

At Inmark, we continually seek to develop new markets and products in an effort to enhance our ability to be a single-source packaging provider. We understand that the key to growth in an ever changing business climate is that we must be creative, progressive, and proactive to align ourselves with the top manufacturers that our industry has to offer. Inmark is very excited and enthusiastic about the boundless opportunities that lie ahead for our organization.