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Product Overview

  • Closures and Plugs Closures & Plugs

    Inmark offers a wide variety of lined an unlined closures to meet the needs of all industries. Our more popular closures include continuous threaded, child-resistant, and dispensing closures. Enter our store to see available closure options.

  • Dispensing Systems Dispensing Systems

    Inmark offers dispensing systems widely used by the Chemical, Health & Beauty Aid and Automotive industries. Enter our store to see available sprayers and pumps.

  • Plastic Bottles Plastic Bottles

    Inmark has been providing stock and custom molded bottles to customers, since 1976. Our bottles range from HDPE, PP, PVC, PET to Nalgene. These bottles are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to meet your needs. Enter our store to see all of our bottle options.

  • Plastic Tubs Plastic Tubs

    Inmark offers white and natural plastic tubs capable of containing 4oz to 160oz of product. Our tub line also features specialty lids. Visit our store to see all of our available tubs.

  • Glass Containers Glass Containers

    Whether you need clear or amber glass packaging, Inmark has options for you. We offer a wide selection of sizes and styles used by the Food and Pharmaceutical Industries. Enter our store and shop for your glass packaging today.

  • Cans Cans

    Inmark sells a vast selection of pint to gallon tin plate packaging. Our offering includes F-style, Mono-top, Cone-top, Paint, and Ink cans.

  • Pails Pails

    Open Head, Closed Head, UN, Non-UN, Swing Handle, Integrated Handles, Vented, Non-vented, Round, Square…. You name it. We have it. Come visit our store to find the right pail for your needs.

  • Drums Drums

    No matter your needs, we have a drum to suit you. Our drums range in size, rating, openings, and materials. View our store and find the perfect drum.

  • Drum Accesories Drum Accessories

    If you need a siphon, spigot, bung, spout, pump, over cap, or even a wrench for your drum, you have found the right spot. Visit our store to explore our wide range of drum accessories

  • Drum Liners Drum Liners

    Whether you need a straight-sided, accordion or collapsible drum liner, we have a solution. Visit our store to shop to purchase your preferred liner.

  • Cubitainer® Cubitainer®

    Inmark offers collapsible Hedwin Cubitainer®. These Cubitainer® are sold with and without corrugated boxes. Enter our online store to begin reducing your package, freight, warehousing, and disposal costs.

  • Coolers Coolers

    Inmark has a wide range of EPS cooler sets. Cooler vary in wall thickness, density and size. Enter our online store to select the best cooler for your needs.

  • Coolers IBCs & Totes

    Inmark is your source for new and reconditions bulk containers. Visit our store to shop for available options.